Backup Power - (DC - UPS)

We supply and install backup power equipment to meet the uninterrupted power supply needs of various organisations. Our backup solutions are ideal for Data Centers, Telecommunications Companies, Service Sector, IT and Network Infrastructures.

Backup Solution - (DC - UPS)

Real Time Technologies Backup Solution has the following advantages:

  • Energy Saving: high efficiency without compromise.
  • Offers the highest efficiency in the market using VFI – Double Conversion Mode, the only UPS working-mode that assures total load protection against all mains quality problems.
  • Ultra high efficiency output independently attested by an international certification organization in a wide range of load and voltage operating conditions.
  • Ultra high efficiency in VFI mode is provided by an innovative topology (3-Level technology) that has been developed for all the Green Power UPS ranges.


With Real Time Technologies Backup Solution the following are significat cost savings that you will achieve:

  • Maximum energy saving thanks to 96% output efficiency: 50% saving on energy losses compared to legacy UPS
    gives significant savings in energy bill.
  • UPS “self-paying” with energy saving.
  • Energy Saver mode for global efficiency improvement on parallel systems.
  • With its “clean rectifier”, Green Power UPS significantly optimize the upstream infrastructure without over rating the supply system (i.e. generator sets, switches, cables, protection devices).
  • The high efficiency associated also minimizes the ammount of battery required for an equivalent bacp-up time.

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