Support and Maintenance Service

To ensure that your generators and power equipment provide quality power throughout their service life, they must be regularly maintained. Maintenance is required for generators used as prime or backup (emergency) power.

Equipment Maintenance

Power systems are so essential to business operations, service downtime can negatively impact organisations such that they lose money, customers, and reputation, in some cases like medical facilities, lives may be involved.

Today’s data centers, health facilities, finance, manufacturing, entertainment, hospitality organisations and critical facilities require advanced generator maintenance and repairs to prevent power outages.

Generator equipment support and maintenance involves routine checks, preventive maintenance, and repairs. At Real Time Technologies we maintain and support not just the generators but the entire power system which includes the power generation, distribution, and regulation.

Why maintenance and support is necessary

  • Standby generator failures can be prevented with regular maintenance
  • To ensure that your generators provide quality power throughout their service life
  • Early detection of faults that could lead to equipment damage or breakdown
  • Keeping the equipment working at manufacturers specification to provide quality power
  • To reduce emergency callout
  • prevents the costly consequences of power failure when a generator breaks down
  • Saves you the huge cost of major repairs and equipment upgrade.


At Real Time Technologies we keep track of routine maintenance and scheduling for your generator based on your type of generator and how often it is used.

Routine Inspections:

Routine inspections involves checking exhaust systems, fuel systems, control systems and DC electrical systems to ensure optimal performance. If a problem is found in any of these vital components, we repair them immediately to prevent a system shutdown.

Preventive Maintenance

Our maintenance service includes regular engine exercise, load tests, lubrication, fuel system service, cooling system service, and servicing and testing batteries.

Generator Repair

If your generator needs to be repaired, or we happen to find a problem during an inspection, we can source the parts needed and quickly make the fix. We provide a seamless repair service due to our access to a large inventory of parts and accessories from a variety of manufacturers.

How to get started

Generators and other power equipment require routine maintenance service to operate smoothly and increase the life-expectancy of the equipment. Leave this responsibility to our professionals at Real Time Technologies who have decades of experience servicing various industries.

Fill out our online contact form to have someone get in touch with you to discuss setting up generator maintenance service or give us a call at +234 8138159677.