Generator Installation and Commissioning

full turn-key power generator installation company

We have the expertise and capacity to handle the entire scope of the installation and commissioning project  so you can be worry free.

We also provide preventive maintenance services for all products in our power solution lifecycle in order to ensure durability and catch damages before they spiral into expensive repair jobs. Furthermore, we can handle upgrades and OEM overhauls of existing equipment. Our way is to always follow the highest HSE standards.

Installation and commissioning support products and services

  • Automation Panels and Generator Synchronization
  • Turbine Sales, Spare Parts 
  • Repairs & Consumables for generator installation
  • 11kv / 33kv Panels
  • RMU Cables
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Lighting and energy saving management training (On-site & Off-site)
  • Machine Health Audit
  • Life Cycle Auditors
  • Reactive Callout

Discuss your installation and commissioning needs with our specialist today.